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Commercial Cleaning Services

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Finally, A Commercial Cleaning Company That Cares About Cleaning


After multiple emails and countless phone calls, do you still find yourself dissatisfied with your commercial cleaning service? Did the first two or three months go well, and then soon after, you began to notice cleaning tasks were being completed less frequently? Were you told by the cleaning company that they could give you better results if you increase your monthly budget? These hassles come from commercial cleaning companies that don't care about cleaning and build their business on a model known as "splash and dash."

At Yellow Kord, you won't find our cleaners showing up when they feel like it or rushing through your workspace just to get home early. Since 2016, our reputation for excellence has earned us the loyalty of our clients, respect from our competitors, and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau in Columbus, OH. Measurable systems and direct oversight guide our commercial cleaning service to ensure you're walking into an office that is thoroughly clean and tightly secured every morning.

If you're tired of hearing excuses and looking for a dependable commercial cleaning company who will give you their best price first, SCHEDULE A MEETING with us today.

Our Focus

Cleaning. Trust. Consistency.

When your office requires a high level of cleanliness, trust, and consistency, we are here to help. Listed below are just a few of the critical areas we give meticulous attention to:

  • Restroom cleaning
  • Toilets and partitions
  • Corner to corner vacuuming
  • Wall to wall damp mopping
  • High & low dusting: duct vents, blinds, cubicles, ledges, and chairs
  • Spot cleaning walls for splash, spills, smudges, and fingerprints
  • Hand wiping baseboards and corner guards
  • Damp wiping & disinfecting light switches, telephones, elevator key pads, doors, door handles, tables, window sills, facets, sinks, and trash cans
  • Washing and drying coffee pots: replacing the filter basket to be ready for use when you arrive

As the season changes and your cleaning needs increase, we offer specialized cleaning services, including carpet cleaning, tile & grout deep cleaning, window cleaning, and other non-related services to keep your business running smoothly. GET A CUSTOM QUOTE

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Infection Prevention & Control

Deep Cleaning Plus Electrostatic Disinfection Services Equals Maximum Protection

With our Electrostatic Disinfection Service, your office will not only be better protected from COVID-19 but also influenza, Hepatitis B, Salmonella, and others alike. REQUEST FOR CLEANING to learn more about the protection you receive after adding our disinfection services to your commercial cleaning schedule.

Touchless Application

The touchless application eliminates the chance of dermal recontamination while performing our disinfection services.

Liquid Adhesion & Better Coverage

Puddles of biocides can be damaging when applied incorrectly. Our electrostatic chemical sprayer application layers and conforms to the unique imperfections of each surface, allowing our cleaners to reach deeper with greater precision in less time.

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How We Guarantee Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Listed below are the six-step we take to measure our performance and ensure our clients receive the best commercial cleaning experience possible.

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01. Understanding Our Clients

Yellow Kord will work with your company to understand its goals while at the same time prioritizing the cleaning services that will meet your expectations without exceeding what you can afford.

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02. Responding With Urgency

On days when your business requires more cleaning than expected, Yellow Kord is quipped to adapt our practices, communicate effectively, and react quickly.

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03. Hiring and Training

Yellow Kord only hires candidates who demonstrably show a strong desire to work and are motivated to adopt our high level of integrity and passion for commercial cleaning.

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04. On-site Management

Far fewer mistakes occur when we take care of your commercial cleaning services. That's because our managers are on-site regularly, and maintain a 1:4 ratio with our cleaners.

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05. Daily Completion Reports

Daily completion reports, weekly inspections, and quarterly surveys track our progress and help assess what more we can do to maximize our commercial cleaning services for you.

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06. Motivating Incentives

Yellow Kord is committed to being the gold standard of commercial cleaning, so when our cleaners perform at a level that reflects our expectations, we reward them for a job well done.