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Yellow Kord is a commercial cleaning company that provides office cleaning, floor cleaning, restroom cleaning, and other related janitorial services to the Columbus Ohio area.

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Keep your office looking its best with our commerical cleaning services.

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“Our office always looks good and you are doing a great job!”

Mary W.  — Office Manager 
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A Commercial Cleaning Company You Can Depend On!

At Yellow Kord, it's always a job well done. Day after day, you'll know by how your office looks and feels; we genuinely care about cleaning.

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Five star customer service at Yellow Kord

100% Satisfaction Policy

If anything about our service doesn't meet your expectations, we will make it right. If we cannot make the situation right in any other way, we will credit your account up to 100% of the service cost.

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24/7 professional cleaning support

24/7 Support

No matter the concern, know that your business is just as important to us as it is to you.

Locally owned and operated cleaning company in Columbus, OH

Locally Owned & Operated

Yellow Kord has been proudly serving Columbus, OH, and its surrounding areas since 2016.

Business owner and office manager discussing their cleaning services

Proactive Management

We contact you anytime we suspect a potential problem, even when the issue is unrelated to our services.

The three keys to a successful cleaning company

Cleaning Consistency

It’s our people, standards, and technology that set us apart and ensures consistency.

Desktop and mobile cleaning performance software

Performance Tracking

Real-time tracking reports lets you know what we're doing at exactly the time we're doing it.

Janitor in yellow cleaning uniform

Uniformed Employees

Our bright yellow shirts make it easy to recognize our company when entering and moving throughout your facility.

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Folded and stacked microfiber cleaning rags

Microfiber Cleaning System

Color-coded microfiber cleaning rags help us to stay organized as we clean and eliminate cross-contamination.

Dirt soil and bacteria being removed

Maximum Soil Removal

Removing deeply embedded soils without compromising your surfaces' appearance, performance, or protection is a craft we strongly take pride in providing.

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Instant Price Estimate

Calculate your estimated commercial cleaning cost before you request for cleaning.

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From our calendar, pick a day and time that works best for you, click submit, and we will see you then!

Disclaimer: This tool accounts for a limited amount of variables before calculating an approximate cleaning service price. For that reason, this tool can not guarantee specific pricing but is designed to offer potential client's an approximate cost per service to compare with their existing budget before scheduling an appointment with our company. Yellow Kord LLC reserves the right to adjust these rates at any time for any reason. For any additional questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us directly. Email: quote@yellowkord.com. Phone: 614.918.3999.

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What's Everyone Saying...


“I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the cleaning of our ceramic floors in Suite D. The floors look awesome, we could not believe that they would ever get that clean. You are awesome! We appreciate your hard work and professionalism.”

Linda C.
Office Manager

Fantastic job!

“You guys are doing a fantastic job throughout our building. You have been thorough in every cleaning detail, arrive right on time, and are always friendly and polite. I highly recommend your cleaning service.”

MIke P.
Financial Controller

Looks wonderful!

“Everything looks wonderful (as usual). We very much appreciate the work you and your staff does for the township. Thank you!”

Beth B.
Building Administrator
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